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Move the delete button from the direct center of the ticket

I have been using the tempo timesheets product for almost 2 years now and the user interface has allowed a user to click on a time ticket that will open a modal to edit the details.

A new update has introduced what i would classify as a bug, the update means that now when hovering over a ticket in the timesheet product, the delete button appears in the DIRECT CENTER of the time thats been input.

This means that the 2 years of muscle memory clicking on these tickets now makes me delete times entered with no confirmation and no way to get it back. Pressing cmd+z (undo) does not work, it only shows an error in the corner.

This happens to me at least once per day and is extremely aggravating. My entire team has expressed their frustration with me, I'm absolutely not alone. A particular team member deleted their tickets by accident 3 times in a row.

Please consider moving the delete button into the modal, its simply not the primary action you want to do when hovering these tickets.

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  • Jul 7 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Jason Woods commented
    16 Aug, 2021 02:02pm

    Since the Edit button is effectively the default when you click it, and you can quickly copy by holding ALT/OPTION and dragging to another column, I think this menu shouldn't be so "intrusive" and should be a single triple dot icon in the right hand side.

    If you accidentally click the triple dot you don't do anythign but you get the menu so accidents are almost removed completely. Further it lets you potentially add more features to this menu in the future.

    It would only ever slow down duplication within the same column. And I can't say how often that item is used. But it would still be there and only behind an additional click. I think causing frustration to users and obtrusive hover overlays are worse than having to click once more in a clean normal journey.

  • Alessandro Gastaldello commented
    16 Aug, 2021 06:13am

    One more thinks to improve this situation is to introduce a confirmation for the delete button in order to avoid that by mistake you click on it and the event disappears without any possibility to restore the situation.