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PDF report export supports multiple languages with special characters

We have difficulties with PDF export in TEMPO Timesheets. There is problem printing certain Czech characters. Please see attached PDF.
Here is summary of characters


ěščřžýáíéúů ĚŠČŘŽÝÁÍÉÚŮ


#š##žýáíéú# #Š##ŽÝÁÍÉÚ#

. There is a workaround to Print the report and save the printed version to PDF, however the workaround does not make our job easy, because most users will try to export to PDF directly anyway. Therefore they will raise this problem again anyway, so we will have to těch them one by one. Is there something which we could do for the whole JIRA instance to fix it? For example switch language library?

There is also another aspect of this problem. We are reseller, and we are trying to promote your product. On the one hand, you are claiming support for Czech language, but on the other hand we need to teach end clients workarounds to get proper functionality in Czech language.

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  • Apr 14 2020
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