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generate a complete pdf timesheet per user from what we need (, by user/period/project or simply by period, by project...)

We need to produce a " beautiful" and complete timesheet, duly signed and aprroved by the head of the project, with the logo of the society, the name of the user concerned by the timesheet, the period taken into account, etc.. this must be an official document with legal information (name address of the society, phone number, website address, and so on..) presented such as an invoice for example with tthree columns :

1) project 2) Day 3) Number of hours for this day

and the total number of hours for the period requested

We could ask to generate the sheet for a user, a given project and a given period or for only one project for all the users who worked on it, etc..

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  • Apr 20 2020
  • Future consideration
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