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Work and log time only on certain issue types + default billable and non-billable account by issue type

As an admin, I would like to have view where I can define the list of issue types on which a user can track time.

There must be a possibility to define a configuration different for each issue type scheme or global.

In addition, the admin could define if it is a default billable or non-billable task to assign the proper Account.

So then, for instance:

Issue type Scheme 1 :

  • tasks => Can log time - Billable

  • story => Can log time - Billable

  • Epics => CAN'T log time

  • Initiatives => CAN'T log time

  • Bugs => Can log time - Non-billable

Issue type scheme 2 :

  • Bugs => Can log time - Non-billable

  • Requirements => Can log time - Billable

  • Epics => Can't log time

Project A and C are linked to Issue type Scheme 1
Project B and D are linked to issue type scheme 2

Project A => Accounts by default : MarioBIL and MarioNONBIL

Project B => Accounts by default : LuigiBIL and LuigiBIL

(you could define 2 defaults accounts: one for billable, one for non-billable)

Based on these configs:

  • The user can't track time on Epics and initiatives in A

  • When the account is set when a new issue is created, the account non-billable is set by default on Bugs in all projects.

  • Florian Royer
  • Jan 12 2022
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  • Florian Royer commented
    12 Jan 10:13pm

    + could be crossed with User roles, like a matrix. Axe X => user project roles, Axe Y => issue types grouped by schemes.

    This is really important as in JIRA without tempo, this works fine based on the field "Log Work" and property "Can log time" on statuses...