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Resource Planning by Project

Hello Team,

We have the following use case:

  • Resource Planning is currently possible by Team - that is great for Team Leads

  • In most of our client's use-cases a "Team" is not equal to a "Project". That means that we have Team Leads that approve resource assignments for their team members for projects. And Project Managers need to see the status of their resources by project

  • The latter is currently not possible in the tempo Planner Resource Planning View

What we need is

  • an additional filter option in the resource Planning view "by Project(s)"

  • When selecting this filter, the capacity/overbooking color indicator and the number of hours should still be shown for all planned time for each resource, so that the project manager can see in which timeframes a resource is overbooked (this should also apply to projects where the project manager does not have permissions! - otherwise the capacity overview is not complete)

  • As a comfort feature, next to each resource, there should be a button to "drill-through" on the specific resource, opening in a new browser tab. This would allow a project manager to look at overbooked resources, see from which other projects/tasks resources are planned. (here, projects/tasks to which the project manager does not have permissions should be added up to a dummy line, so that issue and project security is respected)

This is similar to the idea here mentioned for the cloud: https://ideas.tempo.io/ideas/T-I-487

Please prioritize this - everything with exception to the project permission & dummy line is a simple filter functionality to add. This should be simple. The permissions and dummy line part can come later, but is very important for Enterprise Customers.

Best regards & thx,


  • Andreas Krupp
  • Aug 17 2022
Tempo Products Tempo Planner
Tempo Platform Cloud, On-Premise
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