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adjust jira worklog with tempo&jira-userID for better mapping

dear tempo team,

we have a little problem with your "Tempo Timesheets - Jira Time Tracking" app, which we use to document our working hours.

We are currently working on an extension that will also transfer worklogs from jira to an additional application.
Unfortunately, we found out that your app changes the worklogs and important information (e.g. AccountId and Comment) is no longer available.

We get the following information from Jira:

1{2 "worklogId": 12345,3 "updatedTime": 1664625600000,4 "properties": [5 {6 "key": "tempo",7 "value": {8 "shadow": "true",9 "tempo_id": 1010 }11 }12 ]13}

Is it perhaps possible to include the accountId of the real Jira user, the display name as well as his comment back into the "tempo" property?

In the following way:

1{2 "worklogId": 12345,3 "updatedTime": 1664625600000,4 "properties": [5 {6 "key": "tempo",7 "value": {8 "shadow": "true",9 "tempo_id": 10,10 "accountId": "91ff19fff119f91199f9ff91"11 "displayName": "Firstname Lastname"12 "description": "working on tempo"13 }14 }15 ]16}

Thank you and I would appreciate feedback.

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  • Nov 11 2022
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