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Additional Status Values for Accounts

In addition to the current status values for an account of Open, Closed, and Archived, two additional status values would be useful.

  1. Pending Close - This status would continue to allow work to be entered for the current open period, but not for any future periods. When the current period closes, this account should automatically shift to close. This could also be called a Soft Close.

  2. Hold - This status would be for accounts being placed temporarily on hold. No new time should be able to be logged to the account, but unlike Closed, existing time for open periods may be removed from this account. Currently we Close the account, but this often doesn't happen as soon as it should, so the account has to be re-opened to move that time.

A simpler, less useful, and more flexible version of this idea would be to allow any number of custom status values, but require them to follow the schemantics of one of the existing three - Open, Closed, Archived. Pending Closed could be created as Open and Hold as Closed for us.

Note: We are on an older version of Jira/Tempo Server, but plan to upgrade to Cloud this year, so the idea is for Cloud. Let me know if it already exists there.

  • Leigh Riffel
  • Feb 21 2023
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Marielle Hénon commented
    7 Nov, 2023 11:52am

    That is much needed!

    Not beeing able to remove a closed account from a worklog, in profit of an active one, is really weird.