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Show configured End Date of user in the Plan. Display a warning message if planning time that extends past this End Date

The legacy Timeline view shows grey out squares with X to indicate a user end date however the current Plan view just removes the user from the list when their end date is up. It is still possible to allocate work to user the extends beyond their End Date though and there is no visual cue to indicate that the time planned exceeds the users End Date. It would be good to provide a warning when planned time exceeds Users End Date. Warning can ask if this is Ok or allows them to go back and edit the time before saving.

It would also be good to have visual indicator when planned time extends beyond this End Date as even in the Timeline view, an assigned issue hides the X's. So, if time is allocated to a user past their end date, continue to show that user on the plan and have some visual indicator to show their is a discrepancy. If no time is allocated then user can be removed from the plan view as per current process.

Could also show a vertical line or some other indicator where an End Date is up for the user in one team but they are still allocated to a different team.

  • Lauren Allen
  • May 22 2020
Tempo Platform On-Premise
Tempo Products Tempo Planner
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