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Ability to choose if plans are visible by the users that are assigned the plan.

There are two usecases here. One is to have the planner have the ability on who should be able to see the plan (either other planners or the resources assigned the plan item).

The other usecase is that the end user can select to show or hide the plan activities on their calendar view as it is very confusing view to see both planned time and logged time especially if there is a multiple plans that occur.

Another option is to have planned activities that have no start and end time to be shown NOT in the calendar time view but in a separate area.

Happy if you want to split this into multiple ideas.

  • Egon Kuster
  • Jun 22 2020
  • Future consideration
Tempo Products Tempo Planner
Tempo Platform On-Premise
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  • Egon Kuster commented
    30 Jun, 2020 10:20pm

    The reason is that it would be good to be able to use it for strategic planning of resources and therefore there might be a need to have a resource assigned to multiple plans but some of these are not finalised yet and therefore you only really want to see the final plan as it might confuse the resources if they see two plans against them for the same time.

    The other reason is that the calendar view for the timesheet looks really confusing when you have planned assign to resources and therefore it would be nice to have the option for plans to not be visible to resources or to better show plans on individuals timesheet.

    The other reason is that some of the strategic projects may actually be classified in nature and therefore the "need to know" principle applies and therefore you do not want the resource to know about the plan until they have a need to know which will be closer to the time of the event and therefore have the ability to make it visible closer to the time the event / plan will occur.

  • Andrew Osborne commented
    30 Jun, 2020 03:16pm

    Thanks for leaving your feedback,

    I am interested in understanding point 1 more - "One is to have the planner have the ability on who should be able to see the plan (either other planners or the resources assigned the plan item)."

    What is the need behind not allowing the resource assigned to the plan to not see the plan?


    Andrew, PM