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Create a button to hide "plan" shown on Tempo-Calendar-Time View

Our Project Managers would create "plans" for future dates which would appear on my Tempo-Calendar-Time view where I log in my time per projects; however, this "planned" boxes would be overlapping my Time view and cannot see the "time" behind it, so it is hard for me to log in my time because I can't see the time grid behind it.

I could log in on a "list view" within the same Tempo-Calendar page, but then I'd have to remember what time I finished the previous task OR I'd open the previous log to see what time I ended because I don't remember when I finished the last one or when I started the current one. This creates multiple steps to log in my time.

So it'd be nice if there's a button to "hide" my PM's "planned" boxes on my Tempo-Calendar view so that I can continue logging in my time without extra steps. I've asked our PM not to do these "planning" but apparently, the company required them to do so they can't stop that.

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  • Aug 13 2020
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