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Folio expenses/revenue report grouped by day

The current expenses/revenue report in Tempo Budgets only allows, as the smallest grouping of data, weekly. This is a problem if we need the data in a daily format to provide, for example, to a client which we are invoicing consulting hours.

Tempo hours report is not an alternative since it doesn't include each staff member's role as defined in the Folio or the rate.

The export functionality of the report follows the parameters defined in the UI so it has the same issue.

That said, this is a functionality already implemented in Tempo Budgets backend as can be tested via the below URL. The "report_parameters" has a key "frequency" that can be set to "DAILY" producing the expected results.


Additionally, the front end code already contains the mapping required for the "Day" text to appear in the field associated with the value "DAILY". See the object "KT.Select.FrequenciesTxt".

In order for the "Day" options to appear in the UI, the function "initParams" of the object "KT.Report.PeriodAndTypesReportParams" just needs to be updated as shown below:

function() {


KT.Select.Frequency(this.model.get("frequency"), KT.Report.frequenciesWithFiscalYear("DAILY WEEKLY WEEKLY2 WEEKLY4 MONTHLY QUARTERLY YEARLY TOTAL".split(" ")));

this.typeSelector = (new KT.Report.ExpenditureTypesSelector).render(this.model.get("types"))


  • Joao Antunes
  • Apr 12 2021
  • Future consideration
Tempo Products Tempo Budgets
Tempo Platform Cloud, On-Premise
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