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Calendar time view: Magnetism & decrease time intervals per zoom

Two ideas for the calendar time view for needing less clicks while working with it:

1. A (configurable) magnetism for worklogs

For example you drag&drop an existing worklog on the bottom (the lower 50%) of another worklog. As a result the start time of the dropped worklog will be set to the end time of the worklog on which you dropped it.

Additionally when expanding the time spend on a worklog via dragging the bottom of a worklog gets the same magnetism when releasing the mouse on the top (the top 50%) of another worklog.

2. Decrease / increase the time interval via zoom (e.g. press STRG + scroll mouse wheel, +/- button or editable field)

Actualy the time intervals are fix 15 minutes, but some works only need 5 or 10 minutes.
So how about the possibility to decrease or increase these intervals by using STRG+mousewheel or a +/- button or an editable field?
This should not increase the width of the calendar, but the height of every day, stretching the worklogs and times on the left side and thus showing smaller intervals like 10 and 5 minutes which can be used to drag issues on making the dialogue more flexible.

What do you think about that?

  • Roland Siegel
  • Aug 5 2020
  • Will not implement
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