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Create Tempo setting for displaying order of Account name and Account key

I've found some Tempo idea of changing the length of Account name and key fields, because in some views there is not enough space to display the account key after the account name.

What if you'd create a Tempo setting for the user, to allow the user define which he wants to be displayed

first, the key or the name? This setting could be evaluted everywhere where account key+name is displayed together.

For example on the "Log Time" screen in the Account list the value is: "Account key - Account name".

For some Tempo user it's easier to find the right account by key, for others by name, depending on the usage and importance of the key/name fields.

In the attached screenshot you can see the key field reserves most part of the line, and the name field cannot be displayed. it's difficult to select the right account, because you cannot read the account name.

If I could setup - define the order of key,name - I'd set the name field to be displayed first, and the key filed to be displayed after.

  • Marton Lipcsik
  • Jun 2 2021
Tempo Products Tempo Accounts
Tempo Platform Cloud, On-Premise
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