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Allow shared reports (Cloud)

It would be very helpful if a Tempo admin could create and save a report, and have that report be available in the Reports view of everyone with the Tempo Admin permission.

The current workaround for this involves sharing static URLs that users need to bookmark, which shouldn't be necessary. It would be much more user-friendly to have the reports available in the Tempo UI.


  • Esther Strom
  • Apr 15 2020
  • Shipped
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Reports
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Admin
    Mayank Agarwal commented
    18 Jan, 2022 03:14pm

    Hi Eileen, I have forward your request to our TS Server team and they should be providing an update here.

    Mykenna, you can refer this help center document to know more about this feature https://help.tempo.io/cloud/en/tempo-timesheets/generating-reports/saving,-sharing,-and-deleting-reports.html . I have forwarded your feedback to the concerned teams to update the link. Thanks

  • Mykenna Cepek commented
    18 Jan, 2022 02:50pm

    The URL listed above (and in the release email) is giving a 404, as shown.

  • Mykenna Cepek commented
    18 Jan, 2022 02:49pm

    The URL listed above (and in the release email) is giving a 404, as shown.

  • Eileen Banasiak commented
    17 Jan, 2022 10:02pm

    Is there a date for releasing this for Data Center users?

  • Admin
    Mayank Agarwal commented
    8 Dec, 2021 03:09pm

    Hi Michael, We have released this feature in Tempo Labs on 2nd Dec to collect feedback. We will be releasing this feature to everyone by Mid-January. Please give it a try in TempoLabs and let us know how you like it. https://help.tempo.io/cloud/en/tempo-timesheets/tempolab/current-tempolab-candidates.html

  • Michael Heiml commented
    17 Nov, 2021 01:15pm

    Hi, (when) will this be available for Jira Cloud / Tempo Timesheets?

  • Admin
    Mayank Agarwal commented
    8 Nov, 2021 05:38pm

    Hi Esther, Both Logged and Planned time reports will have this functionality.

  • Esther Strom commented
    8 Nov, 2021 04:31pm

    Sorry, to clarify; will the "Logged Time" reports in Timesheets be available to share, or only Planned Time.

  • Esther Strom commented
    8 Nov, 2021 04:30pm

    @mayank - the screenshot is specifically using Planner data; will the shared reports be available for Timesheets as well? That's what my original request was for.

  • Admin
    Mayank Agarwal commented
    6 Nov, 2021 01:45am

    The feature will be release first on the cloud followed by Server and Data Center in Q1 22.

  • Dan Selmert commented
    28 Oct, 2021 06:30am

    What about the customers, that are using Data Center as Tempo Plattform??

  • Admin
    Mayank Agarwal commented
    27 Oct, 2021 08:29pm

    We are planning to release the first version of "Share Report" feature in late Q4 2021, sharing initial design for review here. Thank you!

  • Rebecca Colgate commented
    13 Oct, 2021 07:17pm

    This would be very very useful!

  • Venkat Krishnamoorthy commented
    21 Jul, 2020 05:20pm

    With the newest version of Tempo. The URL of the custom report cannot be shared as-is with others. We have to strip the unique ID in the URL before sharing.


    It is very important for us to have a easier more efficient way to share reports.

  • Denise Reinagl commented
    23 Jun, 2020 01:49pm

    It would be great if reports created by one user can be shared with other users. Not limited to the Tempo admin.

    Similar to the feature of "shared filters"

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