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Share saved reports with others

Currently it is not possible to share a saved tempo report with other users. This feature would be very useful to have the same reporting view for different users.

  • Jenny Roller
  • Mar 24 2020
  • Likely to implement
  • Attach files
  • Peter Reiser commented
    17 Sep 03:01pm

    Then mentioned URL hack does not work anymore :-(

  • Bennie Jones commented
    3 Sep 10:33am

    Using the URL workaround to enable "quasi-sharing" reports should not be something users should have to do with a leading product in this space. I'm hoping this capability is considered to be more than a "likely to implement" feature. It should be currently in construction for an imminent release.

  • Mykenna Cepek commented
    12 Aug 06:29pm
  • Mykenna Cepek commented
    12 Aug 06:26pm

    I have a workaround that might help. It's possible to hack the URL of a saved report to make it sharable. Here's how...

    Create a report that you want to share, and save that report. Then edit the URL of the report before you share it with others.

    Part of the URL for a saved report will contain a "GUID", which I have highlighted below:


    Simply delete the GUID, along with the '/' character right in front of it. The remaining URL will show the report, and anyone should be able to view the report.

    Note that the data in the report will be visible to anyone with the URL. So exercising caution over the visibility of this URL (e.g. on Confluence pages) may be prudent for your situation. However, if the URL "gets in the wild", your live report content will also.

  • Guest commented
    15 Jul 06:38am

    This is very close to https://ideas.tempo.io/ideas/CTS-I-2

  • Guest commented
    15 Jul 06:37am

    Furthermore it would be helpful to optionally allow sharing with anonymous users per secret link (if enabled).

  • meg k commented
    27 Mar 09:06am

    this is a much needed feature , which will enable team leads to get the report direct to hteir mailbox.

    why not have a feature to subscribe to reports like available in JIRA filters?