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Fix the issue with re-writing the URL in the team report


I use your report (Team timesheet) every day and even more than once a day.

So, I notice the issues easily. Usually I wait for a while for resolution of the issue before I write to you.

Not this time, it seems like nobody has noticed the issue.

About 2 weeks or so the URL of the report in browser is not fixed for the report's timeframe set. I mean I scroll the dates range, report builds and nothing is changed in the URL - it still holds the parameters for the previous date.

Previously it worked fine.

The case is

  1. Open the report by URL "https:// <customer> .atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/ac/io.tempo.jira/tempo-app#!/teams/team/ <TEAM-ID> /timesheet?columns=_WorkType1_&columns=WORKED_COLUMN&dateDisplayType=days&from=2021-09-06&groupBy=worker&groupBy=worklog&order=ASCENDING&periodKey&periodType=FIXED&showCharts=false&sortBy=TITLE_COLUMN&subPeriodType=MONTH&teamId=5&to=2021-09-06&viewType=LIST"

    1. the <customer> with your own test subdomain

    2. the <TEAM-ID> with your test team ID (e.g. 1 or 3 or 4/5, etc.)

The report will pull the data for Sep 6, 2021 only

2. Scroll the date to Sep 7, 2021 with help of the right arrow at date range control

The report will pull the data for Sep 7, 2021

The URL will still keep date parameters as Sep 6, 2021

3. Press F5 keyboard key or refresh button in the browser

Expected behavior: report will return the data for Sep 7th, 2021 ... but

Actual behavior: report pulls the data for Sep 6th, 2021 ... according to date parameters in the URL

That's very confusing.
Business case:

- you need to validate the reporting for a particular date

- you find in the history of browser the last time you build the report and uses that URL

- you fix the date range of the report and (it can be close date or other month)

- You get the data for desired date,

- you find the issue with reporting,

- you ask team member to fix it

- team member replies the issue is fixed

- you press the browser's refresh button to see the changes and ...

  • surprise: the report gets the data from other day/month/year and you even might not notice this from the first look!!!

  • in order to get the proper data you have to scroll for desired date again and build the report ...

refresh button/F5 worked for me for years until middle of August, I just picked the previous day's URL from the history ...

now I have to build wrong date report, scroll date, in case of issues refresh the report and again scroll the date or scroll it back and forth to see the fixed data.

Now I see (if the URL won't be fixed) a solution as you need to add "Refresh"/"Apply" button to dialog in order to refresh data instead of running the report 2+ more times.

Thank you

  • Alexander Kashtalyan
  • Sep 7 2021
Tempo Products Tempo Teams
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Admin
    Carolyn French commented
    15 Sep 02:55pm

    Hi Alexander,

    We really appreciate you logging the bug in our ticketing system, given it's not as convenient for you. Many times while troubleshooting, the support agent will need more information about your instance, and we can't do that in a public forum. As for the SEN, it helps us identify your license information, same as Atlassian does.



  • Alexander Kashtalyan commented
    8 Sep 03:38pm

    Hi Carolyn,

    To be honest I hate registering in the external systems in order to log somebody's bugs!!!

    Yes, I've registered the issue - https://tempo-io.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/6/TCS-31032

    And added steps made by win10 steps tool.

    Moreover your ticketing system requests SEN lic. number - I don't think the majority of users of tempo who would like to report the feedback have Administrator role/access for this.

    Having this it seems like people have to find their Admin for this SEN number and tell him/her what for they request it and then ask Admin to report the issue or do it by themselves if SEN was provided ...
    Aren't too much efforts to let you know about the issue? Perhaps many of users will just find workarounds or forget about the tool ...

    thank you

  • Admin
    Carolyn French commented
    8 Sep 02:53pm

    Hi Alexander,

    We would like to troubleshoot this further with you. Please open a support ticket here: https://tempo-io.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/6

    If you can include a video clip of the behaviour, it would be helpful too.



    Tempo Customer Success