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Tempo Cost Planner - JQL Query Scope Total Spent Time for Specific Users


I'm trying to create a scope for a specific project with several people in the team :

  • Developper 1

  • Developper 2

  • Lead Developper 1

  • Projetct Manager 1

  • QA Tester 1

Actually, on each Jira Ticket, we are planning a time that we all work in it.

Actually on Cost Tracker

[Cost Tracker]

- Project Name : My Project (November 2021 Full Team).

[The Scope]

on Jira issue SP-102, the logged time are :

  • Developper 1: 1h00

  • Developper 2: 3h00

  • Lead Developper 1: 1h00

  • Projetct Manager 1 : 0h00

  • QA Tester 1 : 0h25

Total time spend : 5h25

[The Jira Filter is]

assignee in (5a41973340) AND project = SP AND parent not in (SP-88) ORDER BY key ASC

My Improvements :

I need to:

  • have in the total spend the total for only "One specific profile" for the scope ; because, each person on a project has a different cost rate & billing rate.

  • have a more accured visibility of Cost, Time Spent, Revenue, Billable for each person who logged time on that ticket.

  • So, have a new value to sort the logged time for only one user.

  • And/or, be able to setup that on the Configuration tab for the project like "Group by logged time" OR "Display Logged Time for these following users".

[Cost Tracker]

  • Project Name : My Project (November 2021 - Developper 2).

[The Scope]

on Jira issue SP-102, the logged time will be :

  • Developper 2: 3h00

Total time spend : 3h00

[The Jira Filter is]

tempo.loggedtime.assignee in (5a41973340) AND project = SP AND parent not in (SP-88) AND ORDER BY key ASC

  • Chris CHAULVET
  • Dec 29 2021
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