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Please add Support for Better PDF Exporter actions in Tempo Cloud screens

  • Sebastian Pedraza
  • May 27 2020
  • Future consideration
Tempo Products Tempo Reports
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Guest commented
    26 Mar 11:37pm

    we need to export to xsl files in this screen: capacity report

  • Micha Reischmann commented
    15 Nov, 2023 09:11am

    In our previous server version of Tempo, we were able to easily create customized timesheets, which played a central role in our daily work. However, with the transition to the cloud version, we have noticed that this important feature is missing. This significantly complicates the accurate documentation and billing of our project times. Integrating an improved PDF export into Tempo Cloud would not only save a significant amount of time, but would also greatly enhance the accuracy and professionalism of our work documentation.

  • Magnus Bertilsson commented
    2 Jun, 2023 03:41pm

    Urgently needed!

  • Aron Gombas commented
    22 Feb, 2022 01:55pm

    @Hjati we need the ability to add external actions to the following screens:

    1. Calendar

    2. List

    3. Timesheet

    4. Report

    By "adding an external action", we mean that:

    1. the external app should be able to register its entry point (a single link that allows opening the external app's UI) to these screens

    2. the external app should be able to access the information on these screens (all issues and worklogs that are visible in the current configured view)

  • Udo Kibele commented
    2 Nov, 2021 11:50am

    We need a customized timesheet inside tempo for the documentation of invoices. This was possible in our Tempo Server instance. Now we are forced to switch to the cloud (no more support for server instances in the future) and see that this important feature is missing here. It is one of the most important features for us in combination of Tempo Timesheets and Better PDF Export

  • Nora Loetscher commented
    6 Oct, 2021 09:28am

    As a consultant working on several projects for several customers, we need customized timesheets and invoices for each customer/project including several team members each. At the moment this consolidation is done manually with Excel, which is both error-prone and time-intensive. Being able to use the Better PDF Exporter in Tempo Cloud would make this process much easier and faster, plus the result could look much more professional.

  • Sandro Elmo commented
    9 Sep, 2021 11:39am

    Very important integration!

  • Guest commented
    31 Aug, 2021 09:28am

    What is the current status here? So many customers need this integration!!!!!!!

  • Michel Solecki commented
    18 Dec, 2020 03:06am

    We have been using Tempo with Better PDF Exporter on Server for years. We use it primarily to invoice our clients with detailed worklogs. The only thing preventing us from migrating to the cloud is this specific feature.

  • Christian Paredes commented
    20 Aug, 2020 01:56pm

    it stopped working sinde May! it was working nicely. please fix!

  • Hjalti Einarsson commented
    15 Jun, 2020 10:25am

    Hi Sebastian, can you please clarify the request. What specific screens you are referring to, that would be very helpful.

    Best regards
    Hjalti Einarsson PM

  • Franco Frenette commented
    12 Jun, 2020 07:08am

    I am on a trial for both tempo and better PDF directly because of this integration and the ability to use better pdf to export tempo timesheets in pdf and gerenrate invoices in pdf also. I was disapointed to find out that that it doesn't seem available. It would be great if Tempo can work with better PDF to to give them what they need to re-integrate this feature. I'm a new user but I'm sure this is affecting a lot of people that won't take the time to say anything. It's to both Tempo and better PDF's benefit I think as together it makes for very powerful features.