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Add jira custom field to tempo report (Cloud)

Show the contents of a specific jira custom field in the tempo timesheet report

  • Laurens Coppens
  • May 28 2020
  • Planned
Tempo Products Tempo Reports
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Dariusz Welzandt commented
    17 Apr 11:02am

    Will it also be possible to filter on custom fields?

  • Nina Vehovec commented
    13 Mar 08:40am

    The feature is now out but is missing due date system Jira Field. Are there any plans to also include that. Will you also support assets custom fields in the feature?

  • Guest commented
    12 Jan 07:40am


    Will it also be possible to filter on custom fields?

    regards, Rob

  • Guest commented
    11 Jan 12:24pm


    I'm not Carina, so you may have a system issue


    *Marie Leverton*
    Head of Delivery

    *T *0113 521 2480 | *W *6b.digital

  • Admin
    Kathryn Vargas commented
    10 Jan 05:34pm

    Hi Carina, we're aiming to roll out grouping by custom fields in the DC Logged and Planned Time reports in Q3/Q4 2024. I've created a separate DC-focused idea here to keep track of that development, and will keep this one cloud-focused.

    Thank you,
    Kathryn Vargas
    Product Management

  • Admin
    Kathryn Vargas commented
    10 Jan 05:24pm

    Hello all – grouping by custom fields in all Timesheets reports and Planned Time reports on Cloud is now available! We've also introduced grouping by Tempo work attributes, Jira labels, and additional Jira standard fields such as Reporter, Assignee, Priority, Status, and Sprint! Here's the documentation.

    We hope these new features help simplify your reporting, and as always, thank you for your feedback.

    Kathryn Vargas
    Product Management

  • Cornelia Jeppsson commented
    2 Jan 03:41pm

    Hi @Kathryn, Do you know approximately when this feature will be going live to non-lab users? Thank you in advance!

    Best Regards,


  • Carina Elles commented
    22 Dec, 2023 11:00am

    Hello Kathryn,

    thank you for the update. However, we also need the function in the Datacenter. When can we expect this feature in the Datacenter environment?

    best regards

  • Admin
    Kathryn Vargas commented
    21 Dec, 2023 02:28pm

    Hello all, an update for our Timesheets Cloud users: we're happy to announce that grouping by custom fields (along with work attributes, labels, and additional Jira fields) in Timesheets reports is now available in TempoLab, our early access program.

    We welcome you to join the program – it only takes a few steps – and look forward to your feedback.

    Thank you,

    Kathryn Vargas
    Product Management

  • Guest commented
    21 Dec, 2023 08:32am

    We need to be able to Group By custom field!
    If we would like to do great statistics, like knowing per application (jira custom field) how many ours where logged, we cannot have this result.

    We for now need to export it to excel to have that.

    That's a missing funcitonnality. Please add it quickyl!

    We also need to have that for Datacenter!


  • Tolga Gök commented
    1 Dec, 2023 02:20pm

    We need the function to group worklogs by customfields! Hopefully the function will be implemented.
    Thank you!

  • John Filut commented
    13 Oct, 2023 03:06pm

    Thank you Kathryn for clarifying!

  • Admin
    Kathryn Vargas commented
    12 Oct, 2023 05:17pm

    Hi John,

    That's correct! "Customer" is not a custom field – the additional "group by" work is being addressed separately.

    We merged https://ideas.tempo.io/ideas/CTS-I-14 into this idea because it mentions grouping by custom field. The related idea (to grouping by Customer) is https://ideas.tempo.io/ideas/T-I-283 – but I see you've already found it :)

    Kathryn Vargas
    Tempo Product Management

  • John Filut commented
    12 Oct, 2023 03:03pm

    I don't understand how the "group by customer" request could be combined with this request. Customer is a field in Tempo.

  • Admin
    Kathryn Vargas commented
    24 Aug, 2023 04:25pm

    Hello everyone – thank you for your feedback (and patience) on this feature. We're happy to share that we're working on supporting custom fields in Tempo Reports as part of our Q4 roadmap.

    If you have time (shouldn't be more than 30 minutes), we'd love to invite you to a quick call so that we can dive deeper into your use cases. We hope you find a slot here.

    Looking forward to speaking with a few of you, and we'll keep you all posted on our development.

    Thank you,
    Kathryn Vargas
    Tempo Product Management

  • Guest commented
    28 Jul, 2023 06:19am

    The most voted feature bud still without any progress :(

  • Drazenka Sipus commented
    20 Jul, 2023 08:44am

    I just watched recorder webinar from January 2021 when it was on the roadmap within a year. So 2.5 years later one would expect it to be up and running!

  • Guest commented
    11 Jul, 2023 01:19pm

    Please have labels added!

  • Trang Nguyen commented
    23 Jun, 2023 02:48pm

    I want to group the hours on Tempo by "SAP Activity Code". Right now that option is not available. That'd make my report process so much easier. Please work on this!

  • Sonia Hamczyk commented
    18 Apr, 2023 03:31am

    Please give this feature a chance!! This would make pulling sprint reports so much easier and more efficient.

    Here is a start:

    Given a JIRA/Tempo user would like to pull a sprint report

    When the user pulls the report using data from both platforms

    Then the user will see data extracted from the labels (both custom and system generated)

    Now let’s watch that seed grow!!

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