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Add option to see Worklog IDs in Tempo reports

This is a partner request:

Problem: require to take extra steps to identify and fix mistakes:

  • I need to update a large number of users' worklogs quite frequently due to missing or bad information. It's up to each individual user to find out which worklogs need updating and they use the reports to do this. Usually, the problem is that some users forget to add correct data, such as setting proper accounts. This can sometimes lead to hundreds of worklogs that need updating, and to simplify this we are in the process of implementing a kind of bulk edit feature.

The problem is that we do not receive the worklog IDs whenever we get the information on worklogs that needs updating, since this information is not present in the report.

Current workaround: Currently, we need to do a lookup for the worklogs based on report data to get the ID and then proceed with the update. This works fine as long as the report data (i.e. date, account, issue etc.) is unique to one worklog, but the lookup still feels like an unnecessary process.

Added feature: Include the Worklog IDs in reports in the future

This would greatly improve the process, as well as ensuring that even worklogs where the lookup data set is not unique to one worklog could be updated.

Possible idea : An idea would be to have that checkbox available in the reports additional fields. that would be available when the report is grouped by Worklogs (see picture)

  • Maxime-Samuel Nie-Rouquette
  • Jun 4 2020
  • Likely to implement
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets
Tempo Platform On-Premise
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  • Johannes Knust commented
    16 Mar, 2021 05:31pm


    we need this feature too :) , we have around 50 cloud users.


  • Guest commented
    3 Sep, 2020 07:26am

    Agree that this is very much needed. It happens frequently that Jira admin get a list of worklogs to correct. The list is usually an Excel export from Tempo. The Jira needs to use the Tempo REST API for doing bulk updates, where the worklog ID is needed.
    So worklog ID needs to be included in (Excel) exports.

  • Guest commented
    4 Jun, 2020 05:00am

    This is a partner request