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Adding Issue-level fields to GET /worklogs

As an integrator of Tempo Timesheets with other products such as Salesforce, I want to be able to call the GET /worklogs endpoint and have both custom and Tempo fields I associated with the Jira Issue be retrieved.

For example, I have the Tempo Account linked to Jira Issues (as opposed to a Work Attribute). Both the Name and Id of the Account should be in the JSON I retrieve.

Additionally, if I select certain Jira Issue custom fields to be included in the Tempo database, I would expect those to be included in the JSON for GET /worklogs as well. For example, I might have a field called "Milestone" on the Jira Issue. I go into Tempo Settings -> Custom Fields and check the "Milestone" field.

Being able to retrieve this information without extra API calls results in a more performant solution as well as reduces code complexity to retrieve data.

  • Nate Stuyvesant
  • Sep 17 2020
  • Future consideration
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets, Other
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Nate Stuyvesant commented
    23 Dec, 2020 03:42pm

    Forgot to mention... Salesforce has governors preventing more than 100 REST Callouts per hour. My integration gets >300 worklogs each morning. I cannot make 300 additional REST Callouts to Jira's REST API to request the custom fields.

    Salesforce necessitates bulkification meaning I have to request the custom field I want from all Jira Issues changed since yesterday and put those values in a map with the Jira Issue as a key and the custom field as a value. After requesting the 300+ worklogs from the Tempo API, I have to loop through the results and get the custom field values from the map I created.

    If I could get the custom fields from Tempo (since I already marked them to be included in the Tempo database), I would only need to GET /worklogs?updatedFrom=2020-12-22 and would have all the data required.