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Slack: single line time entry

Currently to log time in the Slack app:

  1. log time 3h
    Then select issue
    Then add description

  2. log time PROJECT-123
    Then add time
    Then add description


Add syntax and parsing for single line time entries.


  • log time PROJECT-123 "1d 5h 30m" "My description of all the things."

  • log time PROJECT-123 1d5h30m "Only quotes become description."

  • log time PROJECT-123 1d5h30m Everything from here is description, no matter how long it is and I don't have to use quotes anywhere... Or I can use "quotes" as they were meant to be used by our lingual antecedents.

As a bonus, allow a subset to prompt for missing required info:

  • log time 5h30m "I don't remember my issue ID."
    Then select issue.

  • log time PROJECT-123 1d5h30m
    Then add description
    "I forgot to add my description, but the app was smarter than me."

There would need to be some error handing:

  • log time PORJETC-123 1d5h30m "I don't know who this poor Jet C guy is, but I feel like he's just been maligned."
    Then select issue.

  • log time PROJECT-123 1d5j30 "I have ceased using hours as a time measure and will, from now on, exclusively use units of jetc to divide my day into 11 unequal blocks. In addition, I find the term 'minute' to be sizeist and will, heretofore, refrain from all references to this exclusionary language."
    Then enter time.


Reduces clicks and total time for entry for users who have the info upfront.

  • Erik WV
  • Dec 11 2020
Tempo Platform Cloud
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