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Reoccurring logging of time

I have been getting the question a lot from my internal customers if it would be able to make a reoccurring work log.

In example a team meeting that is a weekly task

I know that the option exist to connect your calendar to Tempo and have those items synched to Tempo, but you still need to confirm it.

So hence the request.

Kind regards,


  • Marc Koppelaar
  • Jan 22 2021
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Marc Koppelaar commented
    29 Jan 08:49am

    Option to repeat work logs, but not in the current way it is possible.


    • I have a weekly team meeting.

    • I want to create a work log for this on a place holder item in tempo. So I want to create this log and have it repeated every Friday till the end of the year.

    I do know about the option to connect your personal calendar with tempo and have repeating items from the calendar in Tempo, but then I would still need to confirm the item every week.

    I just want it to be there and already set as a work log.

    So repeated or automated would be fine, but repeated is the primary option, as this would be easy to adjust.


  • Admin
    Kim Rosen commented
    28 Jan 07:22pm

    Hi Marc, can you please give a few more details as to what behavior you are expecting. Are you wanting something automated or just the option to repeat work logs?