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Possibility to have a list of income payments, same way there is the tab expenses for the costs


So my company user Jira and the Timesheets and in order to leave behind our old platform for projects management, we only need that in Cost Tracker, the same way there's a module for the expenses where on each project i can introduce a list of additional costs of the projets, we could have another area where we can insert values billed to the client, with a description, due date, a value, status (paid, invoiced, etc...), and few more fields for dates and notes.

This info would complete the already existent Budget and costs information, with the billed status information. I'm not talking about an invoice mechanism. Just information about the billed info.

Other option would be to change the name from expenses to Billing Orders and inside you would have two values fields: Income and cost. One just feeded a billing summary info, the cost would do what the current expense value already does today.


  • Daniel Pereira
  • Apr 30 2021
Tempo Products Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets
Tempo Platform Cloud
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