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Tempo Worklog Splitting by custom size

We have a proposition to enhance worklog splitting function. Currently it's only possible to split worklogs by a fixed size (0.5, 1.0, 1.5 etc.), and it would be nice to split it at custom size.

  • Guest
  • Apr 3 2020
  • Unlikely to implement
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets
Tempo Platform On-Premise
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  • Kristín Hreinsdóttir commented
    4 May, 2020 01:39pm

    Yes I understand where this is happening I just need to understand the why. What is the problem that leads to the need for splitting hours that have already been logged on one issue. Why do you need to move part of the logged time to a different issue? What is the role of the person splitting worklogs? Is it part of a review process?

  • Guest commented
    22 Apr, 2020 07:19am

    Yes, I mean in the Tempo Report view (Please see attached file)

  • Kristín Hreinsdóttir commented
    15 Apr, 2020 11:55pm

    Hello and thanks so much for your idea. Can you provide more background with your idea so that we have a better understanding on the need. What type of user needs this functionality, when is this functionality used ie as an example is this part of the process by the user tracking time ie are team members frequently splitting worklogs while logging their Timesheets or is this part of a reviewing and editing worklogs done by managers.