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Make costs from Cost Tracker available in Timesheets Custom Reports

Making the costs available from Cost Tracker to a Timesheets Custom Report would be extremely useful.

  • Deleted User
  • Oct 16 2019
  • Likely to implement
Tempo Products Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Reports
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Admin
    Kathryn Vargas commented
    14 Dec, 2023 02:43pm

    Hi all, we'd like to share a relevant update: We've recently released the Reports feature in Cost Tracker. Now you can create four types of reports – Actual Cost, Planned Cost, Actual Revenue and Planned Revenue – to get the insights you need from any project or portfolio. Learn more about the new reporting options here.

    Best regards,

    Kathryn Vargas
    Tempo Product Management Team

  • Lyka Kinra commented
    9 Nov, 2023 09:07pm

    This will be a big help for our internal reporting!

  • Cláudia Ferro commented
    30 May, 2023 05:03pm

    Please, please, please, please!

  • Andrew Stewart commented
    12 Jun, 2020 06:01am

    This is a critical requirement for us. At present we have are not able to prepare amounts to bill - or provide reports to our clients - without downloading data to excel, doing time consuming and manual association of rates to people.

    I notice the person before me asked "please, please" ... I'm going to say "please, please, please!"

  • Radina Lubomirova commented
    4 Jun, 2020 12:29pm

    Please, please add this feature. It would be very useful, a real time-saver, and a huge improvement!

  • Guest commented
    13 Jan, 2020 12:54am

    Can we please have an update on the planned development of this request? One of the biggest limitations we face is not being able to pull through costs. Timesheets Custom Reports only displays time, not costs. We're having to manually calculate costs (multiplying the cost by the billable hour(s))

  • Guest commented
    20 Nov, 2019 05:37pm

    HUGE vote up. This would be wildly helpful.