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Use tempo teams custom field to send email notifications

It would be nice to have the ability to use the “custom field” Tempo Team as a reference for sending out notifications to each respective team.

Use case =

In case of using an Add-on like Email This Issue or others, we can select the Custom field ‘Team’ as a recipient.

[See picture 1]

Unfortunately, Jira or the Add-on is unable to retrieve / extract the members of the selected team to send out the mail to each member.
(when sending test mail/notification, log says ‘no recipients’)

Nice to have also, would be that the CF “team” can be selected while configuring Jira notifications.

[See picture 2]

As today this is not possible, as a workaround, I created a Jira Group for each respective team.
Every time a user enters or leave a Team, the Tempo-Team manager also needs to update the corresponding Jira Group to ensure that his team members receive the notification he’s supposed to receive.

Disadvantages by using this “process”, is that it often happens that the Jira Group is not updated when a team member leave/enter a Tempo Team…
That results that our Jira Administrator often must correct this for the Tempo-Team Manager as they do not always understand why his new team members are not notified…

By making possible to use the custom field ‘Team’ as a reference for sending out notification, will centralize our way to manage how we notify each respective team.

We would then also maybe imagine to be able use the field ‘Team’ to manage the accesses to the different Jira Projects…

[See picture 3]

This would make that every manager would be able to fully manage accesses to different Jira Project simply be keeping his Tempo Team up to date!

Feel free to contact me for further details on my idea!

Note : I created this idea after that the Tempo Customer support advised me to create this valuable idea... [TCS-37181

  • Ced Dev
  • Jun 10 2022
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