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Teams in Team (for approving purposes)


We are wondering whether more people/companies miss a feature in Tempo Timesheets like the following:

We have managers that are responsible for multiple Dev/Ops teams. Those teams are responsible for keeping their team member list up to date theirself. Now, at the end of every month the managers have to access every team one by one to approve the timesheets for the team members. We think it would be great when there is the option to make some kind of Team in a Team. At this moment you are able to add Members to a team, or to add Jira Groups to a team. But it is not possible to add a Team to a Team.

In our opinion it costs too much time to create seperate Jira groups only for approval purposes (and now and then people move from one team to another, so you keep changing the Jira groups of the jira users). At this moment our solution is to add all members from the different Dev/Ops teams to one Team created especially for approval purposes, but it takes some time to maintain this team, as we (as Support Team within our company) are not aware of every change in the Dev/Ops itself.

Kind regards,


  • Guest
  • Sep 8 2020
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  • Guest commented
    19 Oct, 2020 09:37am

    Hi Hlynur,

    Nice to hear that you are considering this, thanks.

    We now only make use of the 'standard' Jira groups, so we don't use it to organise people into teams. We maintain the teams manually as the team owner(s) can do the maintenance themself.

    Kind regards,


  • Hlynur Johnsen commented
    12 Oct, 2020 02:55pm

    Thanks for the feedback!

    This is one of the features we are considering to prioritise in 2021 to better serve the needs of enterprise customers. Do you currently use Jira groups to organise people into teams?


    Hlynur Johnsen

    Group Product Manager