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Allow shared team-level permissions

Many companies want to have a secondary team or group of users have access to specific teams' timecards, either for viewing or approvals.

It's really a pain to maintain if the Tempo admin or Jira admin needs to add and remove individual users from a team permission for every team.

There are two possible, acceptable solutions to this:

1) Provide the ability to configure a global Jira permission that would allow a Jira access group to automatically have access to the Approvals on any and all teams.


2) Provide the ability to add a Jira group to a team permission, rather than having to add individual users.

Option 1 would be preferable.

  • Esther Strom
  • Apr 15 2020
  • Shipped
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Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Esther Strom commented
    24 Nov, 2020 04:25pm

    Woohoo! Happy holidays to me! Thanks so much, Hlynur. This is going to make our lives so much easier.

  • Hlynur Johnsen commented
    24 Nov, 2020 08:47am

    We've released new permission controls which allows users to share permission roles across teams and to grant access to all users data. Please find more information in our product documentation.

  • Hlynur Johnsen commented
    29 Jul, 2020 02:12pm

    ETA of release is now August 2020

  • Esther Strom commented
    22 Apr, 2020 06:33pm

    That's great to hear, Hlynur! Thanks so much.

  • Hlynur Johnsen commented
    22 Apr, 2020 05:56pm

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I'm happy to tell you that we are working on a solution that will enable easier management of access to data. This solution will include a global permission role (group). In addition to that we plan to allow users to create permission roles based on programs (team of teams) as well as a collection of arbitrary teams.

    We anticipate to be able to roll this out to our Cloud and Server customers in Q2. I'm updating this idea to Planned to reflect that.


    Hlynur Johnsen

    Group Product Manager - Tempo for Jira