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Using Jira filters in the Tempo search

When you are log time in the calendar, it is very hard to find the right issue if you have a lot of them. There are some helpers like favorite and recently but if you work daily on more than 20 Tickets this will help only particularly.

The other problem is that the Tempo search is also looking for closed tickets.

I would suggest to configure a tab by selecting a Jira Filter and you can search only for tickets in this filter.

With the filter function each user can define their own criteria for the search and can as example hide the closed issue from the Tempo search.

  • Guest
  • May 14 2020
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  • Guest commented
    26 May 09:41pm

    I did notice the new search contained a number of improvements... but not in ways the addressed the real pain points on this issue. One can now filter by various things, but its still a manual process with filters that aren't going to be consistent between each worklog entry, so they'd have to be toggled each time, and its likely that not all filters are applicable either... for example... assignee might not be the person logging the time since they've already completed their time on the ticket and its since been reassigned... IMO the search is still too limited....

    I believe the search limitations to be more an issue of result sorting/order than access to the available filters. I often already have the issue key, but for some reason, i have to still use the search to select it, and entering the issue key verbatim will show far more results than i need, sometimes with my verbatim key at the very bottom of the list. Not sure if it finds that key in another issue's comment but that'd be a less relevant match than the key itself.

    For example. If i enter the issue key AB-91 it wont show AB-91 at the top... rather, it would show AB-911,AB-912,AB-913.

    What the issue search needs is a way for results to order themselves based on relevance:

    issues with matches that are starred at the top (regardless of relevance)
    then by
    <matched-field-weight> * <match-precision>

    field weight could even be configurable (ideally)... else... i would say issueKey,summary,description,comment/text
    is a good order... and i'd probably excluded any ticket relationships/linkedIssue's completely.

    where "match-precision" would be greater if the whole word/expression is matched, not just one of them and not just matched against a substring/subword (like "AB-91" being inside the word "AB-913").

    Where "words" are defined as any consecutive characters containing no whitespace (ie split on whitespace).

  • Admin
    Kristín Hreinsdóttir commented
    25 May 06:59pm

    Hello, I will look into the possibility of adding a general setting for Closed issues but meanwhile, which version of Tempo do you have? There is a way to configure your own filter in for the issue picker in My Work side panel. https://tempo-io.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/THC/pages/877068762/Log+Time+Form+-+Tempo+Server
    We will also be introducing a new simplified log time dialog in the coming months on server that we already released on Cloud which includes a lot of improvements for the issue search.

  • Roland Kannappel commented
    14 May 01:32pm

    I would suggest to have a general option to hide closed issues