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My Work - Worklog Entry Sort Broken

Changes to worklog entries on My Work page should accurately reorder the worklogs chronologically after start/end time changes.
This used to work prior to an update in the past month or two that added configurable fields in the work log creation popup form.

Steps To Reproduce:
Edit an Existing Worklog's start time to make it's chronological order be before,after,or unchanged relative to existing worklogs that exist before and after it for the same day. Note: you must be in list view on the My Work page seen in this screenshot https://pasteboard.co/J91MrfN.png

Expected Result: the worklog reorders itself appropriately
Actual Result: it doesn't.

Additional Information:
My tests were specifically to set the start time equal to the previous worklog's end time, and to then reset the start time back to it's original value (so to prevent duration from being forced... this unnecessary step is was also caused by latest updated and feedback documented here https://ideas.tempo.io/ideas/T-I-160). When doing this, it actually shifted the worklog to the very bottom of the list. I've seen other behaviors too but where the workload shoots to the top or into a incorrect order, but that was the one I tested specifically for this ticket.

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  • May 19 2020
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