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Reports: "Group" and "Filter" by Issue Types

It would be very interesting for us to see how much time is spent on different issue types, e.g. meetings, bugs or regular issues. This would allow us to easily check how much time our employees spent coding on projects compared to bug fixing, for example.

Would be awesome, thanks!

  • Jonas Boernicke
  • Jun 8 2020
  • Likely to implement
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Reports
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Mark Swale commented
    10 May 08:59pm

    Its the one thing I wanted to do when creating my first report when trialing the system. The benefit of having this filter is obvious, so just do it please.

  • dave gelinas commented
    17 Mar 09:00pm

    Unbelieve this doesn't' exist. It may take 5 minute to add this feature.

  • Kristin Hreinsdottir commented
    9 Feb 09:54am

    Group by issue type is sorely needed in Tempo Timesheets reporting. To name a few examples: I want to understand how much time overall is being spent on building new features vs fixing bugs or other type of work - group by account+issue type would give lots of great insights. Also while building new value to understand the quality of work ie to see how much time we spend on bugs reported in the development phase ie filter by fix version group by epic+issue type. Also to see how type of work is different between ie group by team+issue type.

  • Armando Leite commented
    25 Aug, 2021 09:12pm


  • Guest commented
    30 Mar, 2021 12:25pm


  • Bram V commented
    22 Sep, 2020 06:22pm

    We want to Group By linked issue type. So like the Epic functionality, but for a different issue type.

  • Guest commented
    14 Jul, 2020 11:50pm

    This is technically possible today with a custom filter, I can look individually at each issue type if I build a filter for each one, but it's not the elegant filter/group by native to Tempo reports.

    So yes, please consider implementing this because we break our work down into defects, code development work, operations work, incident response...a key metric for us is time spent on new development vs. operational work.