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Add a Toggl-like time tracker to Timesheets

You've done a good job, Tempo, making logging time easier in the past several months. Thanks!

You could make Timesheets even better if you add a time tracking tool like Toggl.

What I like about Toggl:

  1. There's a button at the top of every ticket (if you use the Chrome extension). Clicking that button automatically starts tracking time for that ticket - the Summary becomes the entry Description.

  2. Clicking the Toggl button on a different ticket automatically stops the previous tracker session and starts tracking time for this new ticket. You can never have two trackers logging time simultaneously. (This is important.)

  3. I forget to stop and/or stop logging time often. Toggl lets me modify the start and stop times for a tracker session as needed. I might, for example, edit the finished session, ending it earlier, and then start the subsequent session at that new time. I can edit the begin time even if the session is in progress. Obviously I can only edit the end time when the the tracker session has been closed. This is one of Toggl's key advantages.

  4. At the end of the day, the Toggl report summarizes all tracker sessions by ticket. So if I worked on 6 tickets during the day, but jumped around them so there were 30 tracker sessions, the report would summarize the individual sessions into 6 ticket totals. Then I transfer that info into Tempo as 6 time logs.

What I don't like about Toggl:

  • It's integrated into Jira, but it isn't integrated into Tempo. That means I have to transfer the summary into Tempo My Work at the end of the day.

Because Tempo is much more tightly integrated into Jira, and the data needs to end up in Tempo, I'm sure Tempo could do a better job than Toggl.

I'd be happy to discuss this with anyone.


John Wilson

  • John Wilson
  • Jun 17 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Admin
    Pranay Khanna commented
    21 Jul, 2022 06:41pm

    Hello everyone - thanks for sharing the feedback! We're evaluating this among other ideas for the chrome extension. If you'd like to share more feedback and inputs on early designs, do book a slot with me: https://calendly.com/pranay-pm/30min



    Product Manager - Tempo Apps & Extensions

  • Jos Jonkeren commented
    2 Dec, 2021 10:16am

    Exactly this is what we need.

    We need to constantly remind everyone to track time.

    With Toggl, we have a small bar always on top of all windows, AND reminds us to track time every 10 minutes.

  • Guest commented
    8 Oct, 2020 09:07pm

    I HATE YOUR TIMER SO MUCH. I wish my company was using Toggl because your timer is so bad!! Maybe if you had support for GCal on Jira Server, but no. Not even that.

  • Guest commented
    21 Aug, 2020 03:53pm

    I second this 100%, nicely presented summary of current features and where they should go.

  • Kristín Hreinsdóttir commented
    22 Jun, 2020 05:07pm

    Hi John thanks for the detailed explanation.

    Timer improvements are not on our roadmap right now.

    I will move this into future consideration, if we see a lot of interest we will of course re-evaluate this decision.

    Kind regards,


  • John Wilson commented
    22 Jun, 2020 03:24pm

    Hi Kristín,

    You just marked my “idea” as “Already exists”, but it doesn’t, really. It isn’t at all as easy to use as Toggl. The 2 critically important items are #2 and #3. #2 only allows one tracker to be going at a time. That’s critically important. #3 allows me to easily edit the begin and end times, even while it’s in progress. This is also critically important. #4 is also good, since it totals all time tracked on a particular ticket during the day into a single time log, even if you worked on that ticket in multiple blocks.

    These are the functions I need in a time tracker, and Tempo’s built-in tracker system is missing those. I’ve tried using Tempo’s tracker system, and they don’t do what I need.

    Hopefully you will revisit the “Already exists” status and change it to something that might get adopted.


    John Wilson
    Systems Analyst Principal
    SIO Business Support & QA
    Arizona State University
    1551 S Rural Rd. #2360L
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    p: 480-727-3099
    email: whytwolf@asu.edu

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    —U.S. News & World Report

  • Kristín Hreinsdóttir commented
    22 Jun, 2020 09:18am

    Hi John and thanks for your feedback.

    Tempo does have a tracker function that allows you to start/stop a timer on the Jira issue from the Tempo glance. See Tempo documentation here: https://tempo-io.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/THC/pages/172359687/Tracking+Time+Spent+on+Issues+-+Tempo+Cloud

    Tempo also has a chrome extension: https://tempo-io.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/THC/pages/331186189/Tempo+for+Chrome

    Kind regards,