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Time / Date Format

Tempo should respect the time and date format of Jira's Look and Feel User Interface setting. Or have a similar setting within Tempo where the format can be altered.

  • Andrew Ramsay
  • Mar 12 2020
  • Shipped
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Christoph Päper commented
    18 Oct, 2022 10:01am

    Although Jira's date and time format settings are not perfect, they at least allow standard ISO 8601 notation and further customisation, while Tempo forces the slash / as the only available separator on all of us.

    I really hope that T-I-1964 is in scope of Phase 2.

  • Nick P commented
    12 Oct, 2022 03:50pm

    Woohoo! Thank you!

  • Jon Karnofsky commented
    12 Oct, 2022 03:43pm

    So wonderful! Thank you!

  • Admin
    Mayank Agarwal commented
    12 Oct, 2022 03:26pm

    Hi, We have just released phase 1 of our Date/Time format feature to all Timesheet customers (Cloud). Now users can select first day of the week, date, time and duration preferences at a global and personal level. This is has been requested for a long time.

    You can learn more about these changes here:

    Global Preferences- Learn more

    Personal Preferences- Learn more

  • Admin
    Mayank Agarwal commented
    7 Oct, 2022 07:54pm

    I have removed the On-Premise tag from this idea as this idea is being tracked for Cloud development only. Please vote on T-I-76 for server/DC.

    Cloud feature is already available for Tempo Labs Customer and we are planning to release to all customers on 11th Oct. Thanks.

  • Rafael Salvador commented
    11 Jul, 2022 07:14pm

  • Nick P commented
    22 Jun, 2022 07:08pm

    Please add this to help make the Timeline use 12hr!!

  • Koji Ibaraki commented
    17 Jun, 2022 12:28am

    Good to hear. How about on-premise? My users are almost Japanese. The time format standard is "yyyy/m/d" in Japan but current time format is "d/m月/yyyy". The charecter "月" cause to Japanese people misunderstand as "Monday".

  • Admin
    Mayank Agarwal commented
    16 Jun, 2022 04:55pm

    Yes, we are planning to solve this soon for Tempo Cloud users.

  • Jon Karnofsky commented
    16 Jun, 2022 04:48pm

    Excellent, happy this got promoted to planned!

  • Guest commented
    18 Oct, 2021 09:35am

    This blocks time tracking if using different locale. For instance Oct instead of Okt.

    It's not possible for the user to know what's wrong. Very bad UX.

  • Nate Stuyvesant commented
    23 Dec, 2020 03:24pm

    We have users in the US and EMEA. Both geos have people who use a variety of date formats such that we do not want global settings.

    How about using Date.prototype.toLocaleDateString() - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Date/toLocaleDateString

    It’s widely supported (even for outdated browsers like IE)… see https://caniuse.com/?search=toLocaleDateString

    It not only handles the number formats; it also does language translations.

    While the Timesheet has the ability for a user to Set Date & Time Formats from the ellipsis button, it does not affect the date picker on the top left of the same screen.

  • Kira Marzec commented
    8 Dec, 2020 04:30pm

    I have multiple team members asking for this feature!

  • Gunter Schmidt commented
    25 Nov, 2020 07:27am

    also our company records all times exclusively in Tempo Timesheets - we would be very happy about a change as soon as possible, we have been using Tempo 10 for 3 days - with Tempo 8 everything was still fine

  • Jon Karnofsky commented
    27 Oct, 2020 04:59pm

    Our company spends a lot of time in the Tempo areas, and this would be very helpful!

  • Axel Massow commented
    3 Sep, 2020 06:22am

    We are very interested that the sum of the time is also displayed decimal

  • Michael Woffenden commented
    30 Apr, 2020 08:46pm

    We are very interesting in seeing this implemented soon and we're hoping the product team can give this some love!

  • Patrice David Förster commented
    3 Apr, 2020 05:37am

    Indeed! I had filed several support request regarding this and some areas were changed but since the redesign that seems to be thrown away again.

    So this time please let Tempo use the date and time settings (as well as the start of the week) as configured in Jira's look and feel.