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Disable Timesheet Approval

Our company does not need the "approve timesheets" functionality. The button displaying causes a lot of confusion and wasted time reopening timesheets. The system should have an option to not require approvals which also removes the submit button.

  • Guest
  • Aug 4 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    29 Aug, 2023 12:49pm

    I agree with the comments shared, particularly those of us who do not require timesheet approval. It creates extra work to undo a submission for those who unknowingly click the Submit button. Seems an easy fix really.

  • Ma Ba commented
    30 May, 2023 11:17am

    Agree with the comments before. Even it's an optional feature it is confusing users and raises questions regarding approval processes where there is none.

    Disabling the Submit period button would be all that's needed.

  • R Vaccaro commented
    25 May, 2023 04:54am

    Bumping this topic. Another organisation here that doesn't need or use this feature. A simple "disable timesheet approvals" checkbox in Settings would work wonders.

  • Cristian Iorio commented
    13 Jul, 2022 02:36pm

    This feature is very important to our customers as their users are confused when it comes to 'Submit' a worklog.

  • Guest commented
    9 Nov, 2021 10:03pm

    This is an important requirement. It is extremely difficult to avoid hundreds of people from cllicking the button, especially when they are new to the company or the division.

    One of the really annoying things is that it creates for work for admins and leaders to have to go and undo the submit when it occurs. And creates embarrassment. We need a way to avoid all of this.

  • Guest commented
    1 Nov, 2021 01:04pm

    This feature is needed. We have an integration where we push time entry to Salesforce so we dont want users to be able to manually submit

  • Damian Wheeler commented
    19 Apr, 2021 10:18pm

    just to repeat, need on DC edition too.

  • Maureen Mc Loughlin commented
    10 Nov, 2020 03:46pm

    Like Goetz said, we need this feature for Jira Server too. Thanks!

  • Goetz Markgraf commented
    7 Oct, 2020 05:32am

    Hi Tempo Team,

    we need this feature for Jira Server, too

    Thank you


  • Guest commented
    25 Sep, 2020 12:32pm

    Hi Team

    We also need the same feature.