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Allow for reporting on SAFe time dimensions

For Companies that run a scaled up agile business they want to look at time spent from time dimensions like a Sprint (for example 2 weeks) and PI (for example a 10 week period) and divided by Team perhaps also Program

Currently there are some limitations to the Tempo Period, Gadgets, Tempo Reports to utilize Tempo for the full set of needs around time management.

Tempo periods

  • Currently only monthly or weekly.

  • Allowing these to be customisable for a company would perhaps open up for matching to optional scaled agile time dimensions

  • Alternatively add centrally stored scaled agile time frames as a new dimension in addition to period (maybe you still want to close periods by month for billing sake etc)

Tempo gadgets

  • Cannot be set to a customizable period of time

  • Cannot be filtered or grouped on team

  • Example of a very good gadget is Work distribution. just allowing for customisable time periods and filter or group by team would be awesome

  • Team utilization is powerful but it should be available as a gadget.

Tempo reports

  • cannot be shared in DC

  • cannot be visualised as charts

  • cannot be grouped on team or program

  • Team utilization report is awesome - but here we cannot view data from a customizable timeframe.

Customers are turning to other apps (eazyBI) or external apps (Power BI) to solve these problems.

What we see happening is that some admin is running multiple Tempo reports and then pushing that data into excel for building up the charts they need. It's a pity!

  • Lisa Forstberg
  • Sep 22 2022
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