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Bring back Jira worklog ID to APIs

The Jira worklog IDs are not in our API v4 anymore, however some of our customers need it because they need to cross reference between Jira and Tempo, especially when there are 3rd party apps involved.

  • Ibrahim Gurel
  • Feb 13 2023
  • Already exists
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  • Christian Pascher commented
    5 Jul, 2023 04:21pm

    we would like to see the worklog id also as a column in the different tempo reports so a data entry can be referenced if there are issues.

  • Florian Royer commented
    15 Feb, 2023 06:26am

    Agreed. You can certainly optimize performance somewhere else, no ?

  • Christopher Castine commented
    14 Feb, 2023 05:58pm

    Hi, thank for your feedback. However, Jira Worklog IDs have been intentionally removed from API v4 to optimize performance. This can be resolved with the following mapping endpoint.


  • Matthew Cragg commented
    13 Feb, 2023 07:45pm

    We need to see the Jira worklog ID in the Tempo worklog API data. This allows us to conclusively match and reconcile Tempo worklog entries with their corresponding Jira worklog entries. We do this for reconciliation purposes and other accounting related functions. Thank you for considering adding this field back into the Tempo API data.