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Periods before 2020 are not available in period management

Tempo period management only allows admins to manage periods from 2020 onwards. No periods prior to 2020 are available in the UI to control.

At the same time current worklog UI allows a user to enter time for periods before 2020 - it appears the usual validation of a closed period doesn't seem to apply.

Consequently users are able to submit time to periods that are not managed (i.e. before 2020). This is often a result of a typo when a user manually enters a date and enters 01/03/2003 instead of 01/03/2023.

The problem is that these worklogs are then 'locked' as both the user and admins cannot delete them. It appears that the worklog behaves as if its in a closed period; however in the absence of an entry in the manage periods admin screen, this can't be opened to allow the delete.

This is very confusing. First because there is no workarround to delete (no, REST API is not a reasonable workarround for a simple admin) and most importantly because its inconsistent with the worklog UI. If the period is indeed regarded as closed, then surely the validation that disallows the logging of time in a closed period should apply...

The suggestion is simple : either fix the validation so no worklogs can be entered for periods pre 2020. or (and ideally) allow us to control periods before 2020.

  • Nicholas Tsiroyiannis
  • May 14 2023
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