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Start off populating Remaining Time with the sum of Planned Time for Use Cases who want to use Tempo Planner instead of native Original Estimate field

Our process follows a bottom-up project management style, where time estimation on each Jira issue is democratized to an analyst, tester, and developer team working externally generated requirements. Individuals mostly plan their own time in Jira using Tempo Planner instead of management planning their time for them. Typical of Agile, their planned hours often change from week-to-week due to externally driven requirement changes. Tempo Planner does a great job showing their aggregate planned time on-demand. On reports, it rolls up to the Project-level great. However, when running Reports, the Tempo Timesheets' Remaining Estimate field is ONLY derived from Jira's native Original Estimate field and therefore does not populate from any amount of the hours of Planned Time we've entered. We don't have Original Estimate enabled and Planned Time > Original Estimate. Using Jira's native, single, Original Estimate field would defeat our use case for using Tempo Planner, doesn't fit our business model, and goes against our bottom-up project management. I can create a Tempo Logged Time report and it shows many Jira issues with hours in the Planned Time field and no hours in the Hours Logged field which is correct. These are issues in the planning phase. However, they all show there are zero hours remaining in the Remaining Estimate. This doesn't make logical sense for reporting to Business. We'd like some option to let us populate a Remaining Estimate field to show on reports for bottom-up project management based on Tempo Planning time.

The system should:

(A) have the ability to set Tempo Timesheets' Remaining Estimate field = Tempo Planner's Planned Time when Planned Time > 0 and Remaining Estimate = null. This should signify to me that someone has planned work in the future and no one has logged any time yet and entered any Remaining Estimate yet. So by default, the beginning Remaining Estimate starts off as the sum of Planned Time per user. Then burns down as each user starts logging time in Tempo Timesheets and modifying their own Remaining Estimate.

or (B) have the ability to populate Jira's native Original Estimate field from the Tempo Planner's Planned Time if the native Original Estimate = null for those for Tempo users that aren't using this field. So that Tempo Timesheets automatically populates Remaining Estimate from the sum of all the Tempo Planned time minus Time Worked.

  • Daniel Bowen
  • Jul 7 2020
  • Future consideration
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner
Tempo Platform On-Premise
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