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Audit Log information for Teams, Plans and Worklogs

It would be nice to have an audit log for changes to Teams, Plans and Worklogs.
When someone in the system deletes teams, plans or worklogs, it is not possible to retrieve any information who did it and no information about the team, plan or worklog is available but the id is available.

  • Susanne Götz
  • Nov 26 2020
  • Future consideration
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner, Tempo Teams
Tempo Platform Cloud, On-Premise
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  • Jorden Van Bogaert commented
    31 Jan 02:06pm

    This "idea" has been raised multiple times with each time multiple votes. Seems like a very basic thing nowadays, especially to enterprise offerings where security and governance are critical. The fact that there's no trail of any changes, makes it hard to defend Tempo as a long term solution for timesheets.

  • Adrien Tasca commented
    11 Oct, 2023 01:39pm

    Everything in Tempo needs to be in the Audit Log. It is crazy to see this idea is still only "Future consideration" after 3 years - it is a MUST for a timesheet application.

  • Oana Petcu commented
    21 Aug, 2023 12:33pm

    This is a very important feature for us!
    Many colleagues asked me these days why we have a specific Leave Date completed for some other colleagues and I cannot verify who, when or why complete Leave Date field for more than 50 colleagues!

  • Katie McCarthy commented
    13 Jul, 2023 11:50pm

    Is this on the roadmap yet? This is so vital and we may have to move away from the product bc of this.

  • Henry Avila commented
    11 Jul, 2023 12:43am

    Yes, If you have a bunch of users is difficult to audit the process. Planning is critical to start working on an issue (our process).

  • Archana Thota commented
    13 Jun, 2023 07:21pm

    This is a must have feature for Audit and compliance reporting purposes

  • Katie McCarthy commented
    2 Jun, 2023 08:32pm


  • Joydeep Chatterjee commented
    5 May, 2023 07:31am

    This is a must have feature

  • Sher C commented
    14 Apr, 2023 03:48pm

    We hope you can include showing the history of deletion of plans in Jira's logs to allow Jira admins to check, if this is much faster to implement.

  • Nina Vehovec commented
    23 Mar, 2023 12:23pm

    Would be very appreciated in our company and very useful.

  • Mario Vanden Panhuyzen commented
    17 Mar, 2023 01:52pm

    Would indeed be very usefull.

    I just had a case where a log would be helpfull.

  • Esteban Vicario commented
    19 May, 2022 03:29pm

    This will be very useful for our company

  • Huw Evans commented
    21 Dec, 2021 02:54pm

    At the very least an 'enterprise' product should allow the tracking of changes in configuration. Especially in highly regulated industries.

  • sandipta sucharita commented
    24 Jun, 2021 06:00am

    Yes, We need that too.

  • Guest commented
    19 Jan, 2021 09:17am

    This is a very good idea. It would be helpful to have a dedicated location in jira to view what happened.