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Bulk edit worklogs

Common issue is to be able to bulk move many worklogs from one issue to another one. Also, recurrent error during a period that needs to be fixed.

Other examples use-cases

  • Halve all worklogs of a month for certain users.

  • Ingi Brown
  • Jul 15 2019
  • Likely to implement
Tempo Platform Cloud, On-Premise
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets
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  • Hans Wolff commented
    19 Apr 07:21pm

    Yes this is needed.

    Multiple use cases

    • Where we all booked on the wrong account

    • etc

  • Guest commented
    19 Apr 02:40pm

    Guys, please. Can you push this requirement faster to the development? thanks a lot.

  • Max Mykhailenko commented
    5 Apr 09:36am

    How can I help to resolve this question? Maybe you need additional use cases?

  • Björn Fox commented
    1 Apr 05:41am

    Function that is eagerly awaited.

    Multiselect and confirm could speed up the time release insanely.

    With which version / when comes this feature ?

  • Joe Cotugno commented
    30 Mar 02:29pm

    Need the ability to switch worklogs from billable to non-billable.

  • Marton Lipcsik commented
    29 Mar 07:19pm

    Pls do not forget the bulk edit is not only "moving" worklogs from one issue to another, but also bulk editing worklog attributes.
    Let me describe an use case. Presales phases of many projects are managed with presales JIRA tasks in a general "Presales" JIRA project. If presales succeeds and project get a contract, "Implementation" JIRA project opens. Presales issues (with worklogs and expenses) from Presales JIRA project should be moved into the Implementation JIRA project. Moving issues moves worklogs and expenses as well, but worklog attributes (Tempo Account) remains the old value. This case bulk edit of worklog attributes (Tempo Account) is necessary.

  • Pete Singleton commented
    19 Mar 10:35am

    We would also really like to see this feature implemented, especially the ability to bulk edit a number of plans against an issue, to move to another time period in the plan.

  • Marton Lipcsik commented
    14 Mar 06:06pm

    One more + for implementing this feature for both cloud and on-premise.
    Please, implement not only bulk moving worklogs, but also bulk editing worklogs.
    Do not forget workog custom attributes, "Tempo account" for example.

    Thank you!

  • Christina Tedesco commented
    8 Mar 04:36pm

    Does this issue include changing time from billable to non billable? that's what I need a bulk option for

  • Aldis Kešāns commented
    1 Mar 06:41am

    Our organization is using Jira Cloud and Tempo Timesheets.
    It is crucial that there is an option for bulk editing options for tempo timesheets. Please implement this! Many uses cases for this.

  • Anass DITINI commented
    1 Feb 09:12am


    Please can we have feedback regarding when this feature will be implemented?

    Thank you

  • Nate Stuyvesant commented
    19 Dec, 2020 08:52pm

    A use-case I have...

    Using Jira Automation, I want to make a web request to mark all worklogs for an Issue as updated if an Issue field is modified. This will allow my integration to find those worklogs via GET /worklogs?updatedFrom={date}

  • Guest commented
    2 Dec, 2020 11:56pm

    Please, implement this ^.^

  • Jayantha Venkatasubramanya commented
    13 Nov, 2020 10:28am

    This will be a very good addition to have in Tempo feature list. We will really appreciate if this is implemented

  • Guest commented
    14 Sep, 2020 04:16pm

    Glad to see thisis "Likely to implement" - this is a big pain point for my scrum masters and team managers.

  • Guest commented
    2 Sep, 2020 04:49pm

    Indeed it would be very very helpful for many accounting workflows to allow bulk editing for worklog entries and their custom attributes in reports.

    Also exporting the selected entries should be a bulk option. That way you could bulk change attributes and only export the affected entries, which is for example very helpful to set them billed and export them to invoicing software.

    Please please consider this with high priority. The current situation is a pain...

  • Peter Reiser commented
    3 Aug, 2020 07:52am

    This is an important feature - please investigate implementation

  • Guest commented
    26 Jun, 2020 07:36am

    Its already been 6 years (https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-Questions/How-can-I-delete-a-worklog-for-a-given-period-of-an-issue/qaq-p/400621#M167673), this feature would really help many people to effectivelly manage worklogs.

  • Guest commented
    4 Jun, 2020 11:53am

    This is long time pending and should be fix.

  • +9