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synchronization when edit a workattribute


Related to this ticketTCS-28121, I'm raising a feature request.

I'm going to describe the desired behaviour below:

When a user logs time in a given issue, clicks on Log Time and the a pop-up will open, showing some fields that the user has to fill.

If there are 2 workattribute related to each other like Account and Subaccount, where after filling the Account, and open the Subaccount field user will see only values that are related to the Account I've choosen before.

User saves after filling all the mandatory fields, and if he/she realises that made a mistake can re-open the worklog and edit it.

If user changes the Account field, it happens that the subaccount fields doesn't update accordingly. So at the end I'll have the Account and the Subaccount that are not consistent to each other, and if user saves this worklog, we'll have Account correctly populated and the subaccount populated with the insight Object key of the previous saved value (before the edit activity).

It would be the best if wokattributes that are related to each other could update accordingly whe a user fills them.

Thanks and regards


  • JIRA Support
  • Oct 5 2021
  • Future consideration
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