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Tempo Trackers Dashboard Widget - New button: Stop, Add And Start

I create and use many Tempo Trackers a day, for example when someone comes and asks about something, I need to track that time. It's not uncommon for me to have 10-20 trackers a day. I mostly use the dashboard widget for adding and following my open trackers. It's very frustrating for me that I have to click the "+" button and then remember about hitting the play button as well, most often I forget that and when I finish the conversation, I try to stop the tracker... but it's not running and then I have to recall the time that I started working on that tracker and manually write the time in the description, just to log it later. Moreover I need to remember and stop the currently running tracker, or I end up with two trackers with "invalid" time tracked, which I need to manually fix and it's often not relevant to what has really happened. It'd be great to have a separate button like "Stop, Add and Start", which will stop a currently running tracker, add a new one and immediately start it; then all I have to do when somebody comes and asks me something, I just press it, and after finishing the conversation I write a quick summary and just stop the tracker.

  • Wojciech Adamczyk
  • Nov 8 2022
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