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Add activity trail feature to tracker

After using it for a quite long time I noticed that I miss one feature that could help me in some cases.

So during my day I may switch from one task to another - hence I need to stop one timer and start another. Then I go back to the previous task, so I log time from the second timer and need to start first timer again. Also time after time I do short breaks, so I have to stop timer and start it again when I'm back.

The problem is - some times I forget to click start/stop button. And then after some time working on the ticket I may notice that timer is stopped and then I have hard times trying to remember when I switched between tasks and how much time may pass sinse then. This feels very bad.As a solution that may help in such cases I would like to have activity log for every timer. For instance timer widget may have a third button called Activity / Log / History.

And once clicked it would show the popup with start / pause button click history. For example:


10:15:38 start

11:04:48 pause

- (Maybe it would be useful to display total time span for this interval as well - 0:49:10)

11:19:42 start

11:55:24 pause


11:59:30 start



Is it possible to implement this feature? When it could be available for testing?

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  • Feb 11 2021
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