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Provide options to copy Worklogs to Comments, or to Render Worklogs same as Comments

As described in the post to Atlassian Community, I would like for the markup in the Tempo Worklogs for our Jira issues (e.g. ordered and unordered lists, headings, bold, italics, code blocks, etc.) to be rendered and presented just like Jira Comments. Currently, there is no markup rendering and all whitespace is being removed, making the Worklogs quite unreadable. This ticket is to request that the markup be rendered (just like Jira Comments) and whitespace preserved in the Worklogs that appear at the bottom of a Jira issue (next to Comments tab) in the Worklogs tab.

I’ve contacted our Jira admins about this issue, and they have reported that the “Log Work” field for issues in our project was already configured to use Wiki Renderer, so we believe the issue must have another root cause.

I assume that this concise formatting of Worklogs is done by Tempo app to ensure that it can be displayed in the very-limited space provided for each list item in the Tempo section on the issue page. This seems a reasonable thing to do, to support your UX design.

I can imagine many ways that our core need here could be satisfied. First I’ll give some context around our needs:

I am trying to remove friction from the team using Jira to log their work and time, and therefore increase their velocity, by:

  1. Using Tempo to log time spent on issues for HR and billing purposes and for agile project analysis.

  2. “Journaling” their work on each Jira issue, to facilitate communication and collaboration.

To make this as simple as possible for teammates to adopt this practice, I am proposing that objectives 1. and 2. above can be fulfilled in a single action: creating a Tempo Worklog entry with a Note.

This way, the Notes provided with each Worklog entry are expected to “double” as a standard "Comment" on the issue, providing information about the work done, obstacles hit, etc to teammates.

Here are some possible solutions, please provide feedback on whether these are currently possible, and instructions for doing so that I can forward to our Jira admin team:

  1. Allow Worklogs to be configured to be rendered with Wiki renderer just like Comments.

    1. If this presents a UI issue because of the need to keep Worklog presentation small for the Tempo list, there should be a way to separately handle formatting of these 2 use cases:

      1. Tempo Item List rendering

      2. Jira Worklog rendering

  2. Add a “Copy Description to Issue Comment” checkbox in the Tempo “Log Time” interface that when checked and “Log Time” button clicked will simply POST any non-empty Description string to rest/api/2/issue/{issuekey}/comment as described here: https://developer.atlassian.com/server/jira/platform/jira-rest-api-example-add-comment-8946422/

  • Susanne Götz
  • Jan 26 2023
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