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Export plans in Calendar format

When using the new feature in planner to add plans for issues imported for Jira, the calendar in tempo looks great. It would be even better if this could be exported in internet calendar format.

Right now I could use an app like Calendar sync for Jira from Expium, to create internet calendar that I can add to my outlook, and it kind of works, but not really. In this app I can set start and end date and time, but not as flexible as planner does it, so in planner if I add an issue with estimate 12h, it will split this to 2 days in my planner, but with calendar sync it just shows 12h in one day. So obviously I would much rather export planner calendar as internet calendar.

See attached images as further explanation.

So to sum up the date/time features for planner are great. "all I need" is to be able to export my planner view (with filters set) as an internet calendar.

  • Simon Rasmussen
  • Apr 28 2021
Tempo Products Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner
Tempo Platform Cloud
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