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Report costs using the Tempo Account on worklogs rather than on the Jira issue

I track and bill clients based on Tempo Accounts.   For example: I have a project that has 2 accounts associated with it - one is billable to the client and the other is non-billable.   This is often used when I have a junior developer on a project and I don't bill all of their time but I do want to track it.  Currently, the report will show me all the time for an issue that has the account associated with it so it totals both the billable and non-billable Tempo account, thereby inflating the report hours and costs.


It seems to me that it makes more sense to use the account on the worklog rather than the Jira issue.  Perhaps this could be a configuration setting to allow the user to choose the source of hours for the report.



I have been anxiously waiting for the cloud release of Tempo Cost Tracker to give me an easy way to view budget within the system.  I really like the initial release of this product and definitely see it as a future solution to budget tracking.  Unfortunately, it doesn't provide any value to me, and I'm sure others, until I can report by Tempo Account.



  • Kerri Klun
  • Jan 27 2020
  • Planned
Tempo Products Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets
Tempo Platform Cloud
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  • Jon Karnofsky commented
    2 Mar 05:10pm

    I see Tempo's marked this as planned - would love to know where on the roadmap this is!

    I just reinstalled Cost Tracker after a few years, and discovered this still hadn't made it into the tool. I think until it is, we're unable to keep and pay for Cost Tracker. I so badly want to use this plugin, but without this feature, it's simply not valuable. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is added soon!

  • Guest commented
    3 Dec, 2020 04:27pm

    We are a services company and we have hundreds of contracts (each one would be a Tempo Account) billed monthly.

    We are evaluating using Tempo timesheets to compare monthly work hours logged for each account versus the amount billed monthly for that acoount to the client,

    But, we´d like to get the revenue for each Account. If you have the cost/hour for each employee in Cost Tracker ¿why is not posible to use the Tempo Account in Cost Tracker to get the revenue? It makes no sense for me. This funcionality should be implemented

  • Manuel Venegas commented
    4 Nov, 2020 11:11pm

    So when do we get this? It should be standard functionality

  • Jörg Lang commented
    27 May, 2020 10:09am

    Hwe have the same issue on-prem

  • Jon Karnofsky commented
    26 Feb, 2020 01:01pm

    As an agency with contracts and budgets, we use the Tempo accounts to keep track of time vs. budget. Having these cost reports use Account instead of just issue would be extremely helpful. This would  Cost Tracker  truly  valuable for us!

  • Kerri Klun commented
    13 Feb, 2020 08:53pm

    Is anyone else having this issue?

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