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Tempo Timesheet approval for more projects


I have a question regarding approval of TS in Jira Cloud. Imagine we have two projects, and each of them has its own project manager. We have a developer working 20 hours on first project, and 20 hours on second project. But from my point of view jira allows me to submit and then approve only the whole 40 hours, which does not work for our company. We need the option, that one PM approve 20 hours and the second one approve the other 20 hours. Is there any solution to this?

Thank vou very much!



  • Guest
  • May 5 2020
  • Likely to implement
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  • Boris Dingenouts commented
    11 Oct 10:25am

    Very important feature for our organization too, where basically all resources work on different projects with different PMs. Currently only one person can approve, and correcting time bookings after they have been approved is a very time consuming process. Having first all PMs approving the time written on their project and then another step where a line manager approves the complete timesheet would bring us tremendous value.

  • Guest commented
    6 Oct 05:37am

    This is something we need urgently. In minimum we'd need possibility to have separate approvals for each project, but even better solution would be a possibility to configure 2-level approvals. For example: 1) first each Project Manager would approve Submitter's worklogs for specific projects 2) once all project approvals were ready, Submitter's Team Manager would approve all hours.

  • vivek gautam commented
    21 Sep 03:09pm

    Its a MUST feature, awaiting for this feature soon.

  • Guest commented
    13 Sep 11:36pm

    would like this too. we've had to created a workaround of a custom jira board and workflow to track approvals by each project

  • Simone commented
    9 Sep 10:06am

    This feature is really a MUST HAVE.

  • Stefan Müller commented
    14 Jun 10:04am

    This feature is essential, if your company works on multiple projects in parallel. Imagine, how much additional value you could gain....

  • Laurent NGUYEN DUC commented
    3 Jun 02:08pm

    I would nice to get this implemented!

  • Joshua L commented
    16 Mar 03:09pm

    Are there any updates on when this will be implemented? The ability to have different PM's approve hours specific to their projects only is imperative for any organization that bills clients based on the hours logged against specific projects. Currently in Tempo, one PM can/has to approve hours logged to a completely different project in order to approve their own hours. We are going to use a process-based work around, but this feature really needs to be added. It seems by providing the ability to link a project to a Tempo Team, this should be a relatively straight forward feature to implement it seems.

  • Wendy Q commented
    5 Mar 03:49am

    this feature would be MOST appreciated.

  • Jörg Lang commented
    25 Feb 03:13pm

    Havings this feature on DataCenter would be really helpfull too.

  • Nicholas Tsiroyiannis commented
    24 Jan 04:33pm

    We need precisely this ! I have 250 consultants working matrix across more than 100 projects, with 35 project managers/leads. we want to use teams at project level so that the lead of each team can be the PM of each project. each approving time spent by a member on that team for the projects linked to this team. the approval has to be team-project specific.

  • Guest commented
    13 Jan 05:21am

    In addition, it would be great to see configurable functionality which would allow two-level approvals. For example. firstly project manager would approve project specific hours and then secondly team manager.

  • Susan Hauth commented
    21 Dec, 2020 02:04pm

    We have the exact same scenario as well. For us we would want to approve by Jira project.

  • Pooja Thorat commented
    18 Sep, 2020 02:38am

    Submitting Hours should be project specific.