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Never Hide Unconverted Activities as Work Logs are Created

We are heavily utilizing Tempo Activities to tell us what we were working on in Jira, what meetings we had in Office365, etc.

We have noticed that as we delete activities, new ones reappear. We also noticed that as we log time, activities that filled that time gap are hidden, regardless if you are in calendar or list views. We also noticed that if you move your time logs around, the activities that were previously hidden reappear.

This is a problem for our team as we find ourselves multi-tasking heavily, and we would like to record all of our time as billables, where we might be double or triple billing.

We also have another rule, where our minimum billable is 15 minutes with 5 minute increments. If Client A asks us to look at something that takes 5 minutes, we bill 15 minutes. Right after we finish the 5 minute task, we quickly switch to Client B’s request which took another 5 minutes. If we log time for Client A’s task for 15 minutes, Client B’s task is hidden because Client A’s work log covers that time slot.

Do you have a solution that shows all activities period? We noticed that the My Work dashboard has a Worklogs and Activities section. Why can’t you simple always show all activities, no matter if the Worklog covered that time slot? We believe that this would solve our problem.

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  • Oct 21 2022
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  • Anders Lund commented
    28 Aug, 2023 08:34am

    Hi again,

    Just to let you know that this is still really an issue. I have multiple things planned on top of each other (we just need to plan x amount time per day, not allocated to specific time slots) and things are a mess, when Tempo starts hiding importing things.

    Yeah - I'm just frustrated that the Tempo team consider it normal to hide task you're meant to be doing.

  • Anders Lund commented
    8 Dec, 2022 06:30am

    Hi again

    I realised that I'm losing trust in Tempo because of this issue. I can never be sure that I have seen all assignments for me, and I have to do ridiculous things to do something as simple as viewing all my tasks for the day.

    I don't even know the scenario (how it is working today) where you would want to hide tasks because another task goes "on top". If that happens I would even more than ever know if the tasks are conflicting!

    Worst thing is that we don't even use Tempo to plan tasks down to specific timeslots - we just want to be able to see the tasks we plan and how many hours are allocated that day.

  • Anders Lund commented
    30 Nov, 2022 12:00pm

    Are you me? We have the exact same challenge. It would be nice to have an "show all items"-option in the view so the system does not try to be smart about hiding items. I want it to show all items.